Celebrate your bachelorette party in Amsterdam at art studio Groeten van Marc

Would you like to organize a warm, memorable and creative bachelorette party in Amsterdam for your friend/sister/complete stranger? Art studio Groeten van Marc in Amsterdam West (near public transport, bars and restaurants) is the place to do it. Here you can do painting, (live model)drawing, make stop motion video’s or transform garbage into art. The inspiring workshops make everyone happy, including those ladies that think of themselves as “not creative”. Everyone can make something beautiful, and enjoy the proces!

Choose one of the following workshops or call (+31 618081820)/email (info@groetenvanmarc.nl) to book a customized bachelorette party.

Murakami Superflat Painting

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: €200/8 participants, €23,- /each additional participant

Max. participants: 15

What is it: Japanese artis Takashi Murakami came up with the term “superflat”: paintings and prints with planes of bright colour, references to pop culture, flowers, and cheerful smileys. In this workshop we will also make such a happy artwork. We work with acrylic paint, markers, and in the end glue objects to the surface. To join this workshop you need zero experience, and a good mood will set in automatically!

Artist and enthusiastic teacher Rini Brakkee will assist you.

Nude Model Drawing

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: €200/8 participants, €20,- /each additional participant

Max. participants: 12

What is it: Model drawing has been essential to a classical art education for centuries. Women however were excluded from art schools because it was deemed inappropriate for them to view the male nude! Luckily we live in different times and can look at whatever we please. Despite this freedom we hardly ever really take the time to look at a nude body, live, un-photo shopped. Drawing makes you look more intensely in the moment. The teacher will provide tips on proportions and expression. We draw with charcoal and pencil on paper. Let us know in advance whether you prefer a male or female model.

Recycle Art

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: €136/8 participants, €15,- /each additional participant

Max. participants: 12

What is it: We start with a short presentation about the use of found objects in art history and in a broader context (the presentation will be held in English if nescessary), and the different ways in which you could make a recycle artwork.

You could for example focus on the colour, the shape, history, (con)text, or on applying a similar adjustment to different types of objects. We offer you a big pile of garbage/treasure, tools (saws, plyers, hammer etc.), tape, rope and paint. You can also bring your own bag of objects.

By viewing discarded objects as material, inspiration and starting point for an artwork you stimulate your creativity. You will see the objects surrounding you in a different light; the worthless becomes valuable, the common extraordinary. You will feel like a child again!

For a successful bachelorette party it can be nice to create an artwork together. Contact us for the possibilities.

Stop motion film workshop

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: €320/8 participants, €28,- /each additional participant

Max. participants: 14

Attention: bring multiple smartphones, chargers, and the earphones that came with the phones (with harder/softer sound button attached)

What is it: We start with a brainstorm in which the bride-to-be gets to choose the theme “secrets of a happy marriage” “things you’ll miss when you’re married” etc. To boost creativity even more we add elements that have to be included in a scene somehow, like a pumpkin, or Aladdin’s lamp.

Then you will work in small groups on different scenes. Clay, paper and cardboard, paint, figurines and all other materials will be present. A professional animator will add sound and edit the movie. We end with a viewing on a big screen.

Tip: a lot of people decide to show the movie at the wedding as a contribution from all the participating ladies!

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