Lichten in de nacht – Emy 8 jaar

Rick Keijzer

Rick Keijzer on his art:

“Since the beginning of human civilization, nature is trying to break through its thin patina.

Everything that is surrounding us is set on breaking down everything we build. Buildings erode slowly

to dust or are wiped away in a flurry of natural violence.

Similarly, our urge to fight, to flee, to mate and to survive is held back only by a fragile

shell of culture. Almost as a separate entity, this urge seems to work itself out of its enclosure, by temptation or violence, by art or fraud.

My work is about how we deal with nature. My fascination is decay and the

eternal battle against the decay of what we make. We cover our own nature with civilization,

use and suppress her. At the same time, we love her, and must admit we can not do without her.”

Rick’s sculptures and wall objects will be on view Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 October at Groeten van Marc.

21 October 14.00 – 18.00 OPENING at 16.00

22 October 12.00 – 17.00 Meetup at 15.30 where the artist will introduce his work

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