“Reality” is an exhibition of oilpaintings based on stills from reality shows like Supernanny, Masterchef, and Say Yes to the Dress. By pausing the images from this volatile medium, and after subtly changing the composition, colours and detail, immortalizing them in oil, artist Rini Brakkee frees them from the prison of the screen. Only to dissect them on the canvas. Cruelty, compassion, contempt and tranquility come together in the hyperrealistic paintings of people who are victims of their own exhibitionism but simultaneously hold up a mirror to the contemporary viewer.

In reality shows, life is presented as a series of simple problems, which would be easily solvable if the players only would listen to the advice of the jury, the SuperNanny or voiceover. The viewer at home looks down on the stupid people who do not have their lives in order, and is relieved that he himself is not quite that crazy. Still, there are enough similarities with his own normal life to get involved, and to keep watching. Escapism leading, after a small detour, back to everyday life.

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