Lichten in de nacht – Emy 8 jaar

Light in the Dark

The assignment:

where does the light come from at night? For excample from the moon and stars, but also from traffic lights, lantern poles, headlights of cars, and from the windows of houses. Make the paper black with charcoal, then use kneadable eraser to make the light sources appear. Color pencil lets you display the color of the light. Fixer spray you use to make sure the drawing does not stain and disappear, but beware: after fixing you can’t erase it any more!

Excemplary pictures:



It is clearly difficult for many children to keep in mind that a lantern pole isn’t a light source from top to bottom, but only the lamp itself. You can see that Emy encountered the same “problem”: the houses are quite light in their totality. However, all children loved to blacken the paper with the flat side of the charcoal, wipe it out again and play with the kneadable eraser.
I have also discovered that the eraser of Koh-i-Noor is not nice at all: too crumbly and not sticky enough. Faber-Castell’s erasers are very good though.

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