1) One lesson class 90 minutes and takes place at a fixed time on a fixed day of the week. Up to 12 students are in a group.

2) The price per class for a child amounts to EUR 16.25.

3) The classes are billed at the end of the month by Groeten van Marc. The invoice will be sent by email. The (parent or caretaker of) the student will pay the bill within 7 days.

4) It is only possible to reschedule classes in consultation with the teacher.

5) Missed lessons that have not been communicated with Groeten van Marc in advance can not be rescheduled. Groeten van Marc will not pay a refund for missed classes.

6) If a class is canceled by Groeten van Marc, it will obviously not be charged.

7) There are no classes in school Holidays, these classes will be canceled and will not be charged. Groeten van Marc uses the official school Holidays for the Amsterdam region.

8) Classes may be terminated by means of an email to info@groetenvanmarc.nl. There is a notice period of one month. A confirmation will be sent by email to (the parent or caretaker of) the pupil.

9) Groeten van Marc aims to minimize changes of teachers. However it can happen that a pupil (temporarily or not) is taught by a different teacher than originally.

10) Groeten van Marc reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Groeten van Marc will in this case inform the pupil timely.